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Are your training programs beginner friendly?

Yes, all our training programs are beginner-friendly. Our video lessons are extremely detailed and easy to understand. We understand that trading can be a complicated subject for new traders, which is why we begin with the basics and gradually progress into more advanced subjects. You can expect to learn everything from basic trading terminology and chart analysis to advanced trading strategies and risk management techniques.

Additionally, our bootcamp program provides you with guidance from an experienced trader who can answer your questions and provide personalized feedback on your trades. Whether you're a complete beginner or have some experience in trading, our program is designed to help you achieve success in the markets.

Will I be able to communicate with a mentor?

Yes, you will have direct access to communicate with our mentor, Coach Janis.

How is this training program different from any other trading courses?

This trading education program is one the most complete training programs available out there. 

Currently there’s about 100 hours of video content and very soon we’re going to release a major update soon - the course will be updated with brand new content & we'll add 100+ hours of more content.

Our program covers all you need to know about day trading - starting from very simple topics such as what day trading is and how the financial markets work, to more advanced topics such as technical analysis, pattern day trading, psychological price levels, mathematical price levels, dynamic price levels, indicator trading, trade confirmations & more.

You’ll also learn the basics of fundamental analysis & market economics. we will teach you advanced system building, backtesting, risk & money management, and trading psychology. And you will also learn practices that will allow you to build long-term investment portfolios.

In the course, you will learn Coach Janis' personal trading algorithm that he has developed, perfected, backtested and used for years. We will also share regular updates and tips that will help you trade in unusual market conditions.

We offer education with a personal touch - this means you will have direct access to communication with Coach Janis as your mentor. You can always message him whenever you have a question or need a helping hand. Also, from time to time he will message you himself to check up on your progress and see how you are doing. Plus, occasionally you will do private zoom sessions together where he'll help you practice and improve your skills.

Janis will also give you lots of useful information sources that will help you in your trading journey.

Do you teach scalping or swing trading techniques?

In this program you will be able to learn different trading styles. You will learn scalping, day trading, swing trading, trend trading and investing.

The program will help you find the trading style that is most suitable for your personality and investment objectives.

What is the difference between trading and investing?

Trading = The act of buying and selling financial instruments in a short timeframe with the intention to profit from short-term price fluctuations.

Investing = The act of buying & holding assets for a long period of time with the intention to profit from the long-term price appreciation and dividend income.

What is investing?

Investing is traditionally related to buying stocks or other financial instruments that are expected to fetch returns over a long period of time. They are often held onto like family silver for several years. For this reason, it is important that investors select stocks or bonds of companies that are expected to grow in the long term. Thus, investing involves intense fundamental research about the potential investment target, be it a stock or a long-term bond. The aim of an investor is to create a balanced portfolio of different stocks and bonds that give returns through an increase in value as well as dividends or interest income. This enables him or her to attain financial security.
As a result, investors do not sell their holdings regularly. It is only in case of an emergency or when the stock has met its long-term targets.

What is trading?

Trading is characteristically associated with buying and selling stocks, commodities, currencies, bonds, or other financial instruments over shorter periods. This is primarily to make profits from the short-term movements in prices of these securities. So, traders essentially take advantage of volatility. Assessing good trading opportunities typically makes use of trading systems or chart-based techniques to detect short-term patterns in prices. This is called technical analysis. It involves more frequent buying and selling of stocks or other financial instruments.

What are the main advantages of trading?

  • Trading requires significantly lower starting capital compared to investing;
  • Trading can be much more profitable if you are good at it;
  • Your money is not kept “locked-in” for long periods of time.

What are the main advantages of investing?

  • Investing involves lower risk compared to day trading;
  • Investing requires less technical knowledge and precision compared to trading;
  • Investing doesn’t take up a lot of time.

Will this course teach me to trade FOREX?

The systems, tools and trading practices you will learn can be applied to any market including the Foreign Exchange Market (FOREX).

Almost every market follows the same rules & patterns and all of them are driven by supply & Demand. 

There are some key differences you should know when trading different types of financial instruments and we explain that in our course.

Once you learn day trading properly, you will be able to trade any market of your choice.

How long does it take to complete the program?

The program is designed to be self-paced, so the duration of completion can vary depending on your availability and learning speed. The program includes over 100 hours of video content, and we recommend that you take your time and go through the material thoroughly to ensure that you fully grasp the concepts and techniques taught. Some of our clients have completed the program in a few weeks, while others have taken several months. It's important to remember that learning to trade takes time and practice, and we encourage our clients to be patient and persistent in their learning journey.

Will I have to invest and start trading right away?

No, you will not be required to invest or start trading right away. Our program is designed to provide comprehensive education on day trading, including market analysis, risk management, and trading psychology, among other topics. We will teach you how to identify potential trading opportunities, evaluate market conditions, and develop trading strategies. However, it is ultimately up to you to decide when to start trading, and we encourage you to do so only when you feel confident and prepared. We recommend that you practice trading in a demo account first before investing any real money.

However, if you're eager to start generating passive income while you're still learning, you can use the signals of our dedicated signal provider to start trading right away. These signals are designed to help you make profitable trades and generate income without having to do all the analysis yourself. But keep in mind that these signals are not a substitute for proper education and knowledge. You should still complete the entire training program to gain a thorough understanding of the market and trading strategies.

How much money will I need to get started with trading after completing the program?

The amount of money you'll need to start trading after completing our program will depend on a few factors, such as your personal financial situation and the trading strategy you plan to use. That being said, our program is designed to be flexible and accessible for traders of all levels. You can start with a small investment and gradually build your portfolio as you gain more experience and confidence in your trading abilities.

Do you offer in-person training or are all your courses online?

Our trading education program is exclusively available online, and we believe that this is the most effective way to learn the ins and outs of trading. Our program provides all the necessary tools and resources for individuals to learn at their own pace and convenience.

We do not offer in-person training as it is expensive, impractical, and ineffective. Professional traders do not have the time to sit in an office teaching all day, and if they did, their in-person training would cost tens of thousands of dollars. In-person training is also impractical because it is not possible to go back and rewatch lessons, which is a critical aspect of learning how to trade effectively.

In contrast, our program offers over 100 hours of video content, which our students can access at any time. These lessons are detailed and easy to understand, and they cover everything from the basics of trading to advanced concepts like technical analysis, risk management, and trading psychology.

We also offer our students the opportunity to communicate directly with Coach Janis, our mentor. This feature is particularly useful because it allows our students to get their questions answered promptly and receive support whenever they need it.

Overall, our online trading education program provides a comprehensive and convenient way for individuals to learn how to trade. Our program is accessible, affordable, and designed to help our students succeed in the world of trading.

How long will I have access to the program?

You will have lifetime access to the program, which means you can go through the course at your own pace and refer back to the material as often as you need. This includes all future updates and new content that we add to the program. We want to make sure that you have all the resources you need to succeed in your trading journey, even after you've completed the course. Additionally, you will also have access to communication with Coach Janis as your mentor for as long as you need, so you can ask questions and get guidance even after you have completed the program. Our goal is to provide you with ongoing support and resources to help you achieve your trading goals.

How much time does trading require?

Day trading is a very flexible business. It is completely up to you how much time you want to spend trading each day, week & month. Some trading styles may require more time than others. For example, if you choose to be a scalper, you will probably spend at least a few hours each day analysing, however, as a swing trader, you can spend just about 30min-1h every day or every other day to perform analysis, place trades and set alerts. 

Most beginners think that you can only trade full-time or not at all, so they avoid getting started because they believe they don’t have enough time. But you can easily combine trading with your day job, and if time is an issue, you can always choose a trading style that requires less of your attention.

What is the course language?

The course is conducted in English, which is the primary language used in the world of finance and trading. However, we understand that not everyone may be proficient in English, which is why we have provided an option to add automatically generated subtitles for the videos. This feature will help you to follow the lessons more easily and will ensure that you don't miss out on any important information.

How can I contact you?

There are plenty of options to choose from. You can click on the chat widget in the bottom right corner of the page, or you can fill out the contact form below and our specialists will contact you.

Alternatively, you can visit the contact us page and send us a message.

What payment methods are accepted?

On our website, you can purchase the course using a credit/debit card, Apple pay or Google pay.

We also accept Bank Wire transfers and Bitcoin. Please contact us if you would like to make a payment using any of these methods.

Do you have a referral program?

Yes, you can contact us to learn more about our partnership program.

We offer free services and pay handsome commissions to the loyal customers who refer us to others.

How do I join the program?

It's pretty simple to get started. All you have to do is click the button below and complete the application form.

You can choose a plan and get started right away or wait for our team to contact you to discuss the program in more detail.

Please contact us if you encounter any problems or if you need assistance.

Can I be too young or old to start trading?

You can never be too young or old to learn how to trade. Our program is designed to be accessible to anyone regardless of their age. We believe that trading education is a lifelong journey that can be started at any time.

The learning program is easy to follow, and we make sure to explain even the smallest details. Our mentor, Coach Janis, has years of experience in trading and is an expert in breaking down complex concepts into simple and understandable language.

It's important to note that in order to open a real money trading account with a brokerage, you need to be at least 18 years old. However, if you are interested in trading but are underage, you can still join the program and grow your knowledge until you're old enough to trade. It's never too early to start learning and building a foundation of knowledge for your future trading career.

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Ready to take your trading to the next level?

Smart traders never rely on luck when making trading decisions. Instead, we use special practices and proven techniques that we have learned and tested over the years.

Join my Exclusive Online Trading Bootcamp to learn advanced day trading and investing techniques that I’ve been using for years. 

My program includes more than 70+ hours of educational videos, strategy tutorials, PDFs, 1-on-1 mentoring, exclusive trading tools, group chats, trading live streams & more.

Become one of my students today and kick off your trading journey with all the right knowledge and tools!